YWM convention in New Orleans

MD Mario del Pino came by Aspire’s booth

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I had a great evening!

A few days ago, I was contacted by a woman who have had her AspireAssist device just for a few weeks. She wanted to meet with me and have me show her how I use my device for flushing.

It´s so interesting and very good for me too, just to try to explain Aspire.

We went to grab some food, and then we went home to my bathroom. I connected my device and showed tips and tricks and how I usually do it. I recommended her to film it with her phone so she can go over it when she comes home. When I was done, it was her turn. I helped her to adjust the length of both tubes and lanyard, so the device is optional for her.

I think she learned some things that can be useful for her in the long run, so she can be successful too.

I was so grateful, and it´s really rewarding for me too, to be able to help others one on one.

Win-win for both of us.

Thank you AhhZhee

Ahzee and I

5 years today!

I am so blessed!

Today, July 13th, it is 5 years ago that I had my AspireAssist procedure done. It was in Karlskrona, Sweden.

When I think back how my life was then, and compare it to today, it´s wonderful how a life can be improved in so many ways.

It is like when my sobriety is at stake, which happens.  When the addiction tells me it´s time to drink something. I try to focus on how I was feeling all those “days after”. When the anxiety is exploding inside and the horrible knowledge that I don´t remember anything from last night… Oh dear… I don´t wish anybody to go through that. When I think of that, it´s pretty easy to say “No” to alcohol.

And it´s in some ways the same, when I think of all those day with no energy… when those stairs were so hard to climb…when I was limited to fit in seats…when it was nothing in the store that fitted me…when everything I ate gave me feelings of guilt…Life sucked big time in so many ways!

I will never walk that road again. And thanks to AspireAssist, it´s possible!

I am so blessed!


How to use AspireAssist – My guide

Happiness is a successful aspiration!
That is when you did chew properly and everything is smooth and just flows out of its own.
The opposite is frustrating. I hear the question all the time “How do you do it?”
So, this is my way of using AspireAssist explained. Next week, July 13th, I´ve had my tubes for 5 years, so I have had a lot of practicing. 😉
I usually don´t connect my water pouch from the beginning. That´s because it creates vacuum and prevents the flow. It sucks the water out, so when it´s time to fill the stomach, it´s gone!
So, when I connect my device and start my flushing, I drink warm water from a glass. I let it drain until there´s no more coming out. My “hang-up” is to push food back again, so I drink and empty the tubes, totally.
Then I connect the water pouch and push in half of it. Now, a lot more food comes out. I continue to drink from my glass until tubes is empty again. Then I press in the rest from the pouch and disconnect it. Empty the tubes again.
Here, I suck in air, and “burps” it out through the tubes by pushing my muscles. If there are parts of the food remains in the tubes, I drink more water.
Either I drink more, or I fill the water pouch again.
Usually I just use 1-2 pouches, and 2 glasses of water.
Takes me about 5 minutes, at the most.
Find your own way, or copy mine.
Have a happy and successful aspiration!
And keep on chewing!
I love this Gif!

First things first!


If we think about it in a longer perspective, we have once eaten things in the wrong way. Therefore we became obese.
To give ourselves the opportunity to remain slim after we’ve lost weight, the amendments are necessary to do. And, we have to think differently about food.
For me, the numbers on the scale became too overwhelming in the end.  I just became sad and I ate more to pity myself. Then the spiral started. Up, up….UP!
When I started with the AspireAssist, I chose not to think about calories. The difference was only that I ate less and I lost weight and it was done automatically.
I think that nutritionists are working to help us to re-think, as well as think about the right way to handle our food and intake. And to teach us if we need. I chose to take one thing at a time. First, lose the weight – then learn to think right. There is nothing wrong to begin and learn how to eat right. But for me, it was too much to take in at first.
I chose to focus on the chewing part and the flushing to make that work.I did not think too much about what I ate but I know I need to do that eventually to be able to maintain my normal weight.one_thing_at_a_time_bracelet_-_silver_-_mantraband
Take one thing at a time, otherwise, it may be too much to handle. It was for me anyway…
And it’s much more fun and easier to learn not to gain weight, once you have become slim. When I was in the “losing-weight-phase”, I only focused on chewing and flushing. It was enough for me. And I lost weight.
Also, in the beginning, there is much to be learned in terms of what kind of food I can eat. What I can chew easily, and what I cannot chew that maybe will clog the tube. I found new dishes and tried new recipes. I made my old recipes in a new way.
It is extremely important to me that the food tastes good!

I am chewing on it A LOT! It can become boring in the long run!  It’s actually not as fun to sit and chew on a tough piece of steak in the long run. Even though it tastes good. I chose the “fine” food. A bit more expensive, but the economy will be the same because I do not eat as much as I did before.
I’m not saying that nutritionists are wrong, but I think that in the beginning, we are too busy to think about and focus on flushing and chewing. To think about calories at the same time can become too much to handle for me. In the end, we will need the dietician’s advice and experience, and ask them to bring us their knowledge. But, take it easy. And do one thing at a time. Don’t overdo yourself!

The positive thing about this therapy is – You´re in charge! The only thing you really HAVE TO or MUST DO is – Properly CHEW and then FLUSH after 20 minutes!! But, if you absolutely cannot flush after 20 minutes, you MUST flush ASAP! “It´s better to flush late than not at all.”

If you eat fewer calories, you will definitely lose more weight faster. That is your choice. You don’t have to. If you chew and flush and do that properly, you will lose weight also. And enjoy your life! And FEEL GOOD about eating and losing weight. Because that is what you are doing! In time the changes and calorie-control are needed.

But take one thing at a time until you are comfortable.

“That´s all folks!” 😉



Lately, I´ve been reading a bunch of articles where people writes about side effects from WLS`s (Weight Loss Surgeries) like Gastric Bypass, Gastric sleeve etc.

Not that I searched for it, No… it is just a lot in media. And I just stumbled over it, scrolling the internet.

Every time I send a thankful thought to Sam who came up with the idea of AspireAsssist. I meet persons, quite often, who is very negative about this therapy. But on the other hand, also a lot of people who understands the simplicity and success of it.

It´s growing around the country now. More and more doctors showing up who offers this to their patients. People sees and understands the safety and difference of AspireAssist, compare to WLS. It is just wonderful to me to be a part of spreading the information around.

Every day I talk to people who signed up on the website (www.aspirebariatrics.com) to find a doctor. I offer to tell them the experience of my journey, and I am their personal supporter when they go through to do the procedure themselves. I am blessed and happy.

Me and Sam, whom I had the privilege to meet last year.




I can talk forever about chewing, and here I will!

There is coming more and more users since this method now is spreading over the country. And I couldn´t be happier! I wish them all GOOD LUCK and I ask them to keep up the good chewing.Because this is the most important part of this method.

If you don´t chew – you cannot flush it out.

The better you chew – the more is going to come out.

The fewer calories that go the normal way through the system – the more weight you´re losing.

I chew in average around 75 times. Every bite. The other day I read a comment of another “chewer” which is a very good guideline. “You have to chew it so that you can easily blow it out through a straw when you´re done. Because the tube is about the same size as a straw”. (Thank you for this Eric W!)

Try for yourself and see. Next time you eat something. Prepare yourself with a straw and start chewing. Spit it out. Did everything go through the straw? If not – next time – chew more thoroughly.

It is also the chewing that controls your portions. Nobody would like to sit forever and chew. You´ll get tired of it in the long run! Also, the time it takes will get your brain stop you in time. The brain sends out signals to make you understand in time that you´re full, and you can, by will power, stop eating. For me, this came as an aha-moment. And it made me feel good that I was in charge of my eating.

So, start eating mindful, focus on the chewing so you get it right. Also, focus on the feeling and stop eat when you´re full. Aspirate after 20 minutes and you will lose weight. I can assure you.

Again, a favorite pic: